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Have you got a woman-driven feature screenplay ready to circulate? If you're an unrepresented writer (i.e. have no agent or manager), it may be possible to include a short excerpt and logline on this website, along with your contact info. There's no charge for the posting.

Only well-written, shootable screenplays with a great premise will be considered. Check the criteria outlined on the Script Analysis page to make sure your project more or less meets the requirements outlined there. You do not need to purchase coverage in order to submit a script, and use of that service won't factor into the decision of whether or not your project gets posted.

To submit, first make sure your script is polished and ready for primetime. Filmmakers and agents are busy people, and The Film Springs wants to maintain a stellar reputation for furnishing quality looks. Second, get the screenplay registered or copyrighted, since no excerpt can be posted on the website without proof of ownership.

Only when these two steps are completed should you send an email to filmsprings - at -, briefly describing your writing background and script (3 paragraphs max). You'll receive instructions on how to proceed in the reply email.

If your script is not accepted for inclusion here, you'll get a brief note explaining why. If it is accepted, then you'll be asked to submit a logline, excerpt of 8-20 pages and any photos, along with your direct contact info. There are no commissions or charges for this service and any agreement you make with a filmmaker, agent or production company is entirely your ballgame.

Please do not submit an inquiry to this website more than once every three months.

Keep in mind that since The Film Springs is a new endeavor, it may take awhile to get the word out to agents, producers and other film professionals. (Click here for info on the rollout.) Of course, you can expedite the cause by posting a link to on your Facebook page and in other social media. If you do, many thanks for the help!

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